I don’t believe in test anxiety

by Brian Wallace PA-C on July 21, 2015

Test anxietyOne of the biggest obstacles to getting through PA school or passing your PANRE is anxiety.  Seth Godin talks about the “lizard brain.” Steven Pressfield calls it “the resistance.” Either way it’s the portion of your brain that is in charge of your fear and your sex drive. The lizard brain wants nothing more than for you to be safe, and it wants it desperately. It will use every trick to keep you from moving forward in order to keep you safe. It is the voice saying that you are not smart enough and not good enough.  That voice is trying to keep you from doing something it perceives as dangerous.

The Evidence

The lizard brain will tell you that you are not a good test taker and never have been. It will list every piece of evidence it can find to make its case. It can be extremely convincing.

  • “In the fourth grade, Mrs. Crabtree took off a point on a test because your minus sign was crooked. You must be bad at taking tests.”
  • “In 8th grade you studied really hard for a test and only got an 89%. This must mean you’re not good enough.”
  • You haven’t studied enough.
  • Pretty much everyone is smarter than you
  • A computer exam?  You can’t even work a computer

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Win a $562 PANCE Review Package!

by Brian Wallace PA-C on June 16, 2015


Well we have our winner!  Thank you so much for participating.  This has been so much fun!!!






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