The Final Step Goes on sale as of 9/9. It includes both digital versions, the audio and the print version.
Click Here to get yours while the big release sale is going on!

PANCE Review Questions and the release of my review book


The Final Step

I wrote the Questions for The Final Step  in July 2013. Due to overwhelming demand I release an awful rough draft version of September 2013. Now, a full year later I finally complete the project.  They’re two different digital versions and audio version and the print version that we’ll all be available in just one week! I can’t wait to share all this with you. Head over to This is the number one resource you can use during the week leading up to your exam.

PANCE Questions

In today’s show I read through a handful of questions from the Final Step.  You’ll just have to listen.


This is the first shipment of books sitting in my garage!!!

The cover looks amazing!

The cover looks amazing!


Ooohh,  I'm so excited!  Packed with PANCE review questions!

Ooohh, I’m so excited! Packed with PANCE review questions!

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