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Introducing The Final Step: A review guide that helps busy, overwhelmed students and PAs study faster, retain more information and build confidence for exam day.

Most People don't fail because of lack of knowledge.  Most people fail due to lack of confidence.

Taking this exam isn't easy.  You have a lot riding on it and anxiety is a constant companion.   After speaking with hundreds of PAs who have failed the exam I've come to one main conclusion.  Content konwledge isn't the problem.  The problem is confidence and test taking skills.

One answer to confidence and test taking skills is knowing your key terms.  Having instant recall of key terms and question stems makes the anxiety melt away on test day.  You find yourself recognizing what the questions are asking.  You feel confident in crossing out answers you know are wrong.   Of course, it usually comes down to choosing between only two answers and key terms can help you there as well.

REviewing Doesn't have to be long and time consuming.

Few things work as well for remembering key ideas than answering questions about those ideas.

Practicing with full length test questions clearly has amazing value.  Answering test questions is a great way for you to recall information. Being forced to perform recall was the single best way for me to firmly fix an idea in my head.  The problem is that using full length test questions takes too much time. 

Sixty seconds a question means you can only get through sixty questions in an hour.  At that rate you're simply not getting through enough material.  I looked and looked and couldn't find the resource I wanted to speed up the process.  

That’s why I created The Final Step: Crossing the Finish Line with 1,200 key terms.  This book provides all the benefits of using recall as a study tool, and lets you do it in a fraction of the time.  These are the exact questions I used to speed up my studying and to do far better than just a passing score.

Introducing The Final Step:  Crossing the Finish line with 1,200 key terms

The Final Step is the 1,200 questions that have helped hundreds of PAs feel confident on exam day and pass their tests.  

  • 1,200 Rapid fire questions created specifically to get the MOST important information lodged in your brain as fast as posible.  

  • Finish your exam so fast you could do it all a second time.  

  • Understand all the information that goes into the longer form test questions in a fraction of the time.  

  • Free shipping!

  • Once you get so good that you recognize the page numbers move on to Volume 2.  

  • You'll have the confidence of a KING when you recognize key idea after key idea on your test.  

  • Sleep like a baby the night before your exam because you'll know it all.

"The Final Step is a great PANCE or PANRE study aid for reviewing key words or concepts.  I utilized it as an integral part of my PANRE review system.  Thanks again" - Paula Phelps, MHE, PA-C Physician Assistant Program Director and Department Chair Idaho State University PA Program.

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The Digital Edition Vol 1 and Vol 2

The digital edition comes in two separate volumes.  Both are in PDF format.  Volume 2 is different from volume 1 in that all of the questions are completely reordered.  This allows you to go through the book multiple times without being able to memorize questions based on location alone.

You will be able to study faster, and you will have more confidence on test day.

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A Special Note from Brian Wallace, Founder of physician asssistant                         exam Review

Hello there! I’m Brian Wallace, founder of PAER. Like you, I was struggling with how to get through so much material and still deal with my regular day to day life.   It’s demanding and a lot of work.  Studying takes a ton of time and pulls you away from everything you'd rather be doing.  

I created this material so that I could go through the most important key ideas at an incredible speed.  This let me get done faster with my studying and feel more confident when I was finished.  The Final Step has done the same for literally hundreds of other PAs.  

In addition to how fast you can study, I found that knowing the key terms really makes a clear difference on test day for two reasons.  First, you are a faster test taker.  Nothing shakes your confidence like running out of time on a test section.  Second, key terms build confidence.  Each time you read a test question and you understand what they're asking, you feel a little better.  Each time you look at the answer choices and you recognize all of them, you feel a little better.  This effect can snowball in either direction. 

I believe that shaken confidence is the #1 reason people fail the PANRE or the PANCE.  You need to do everything you can to boost your confidence on test day, and that is exactly what The Final Step will do for you.  

                                                                                                        Brian Wallace, PA-C


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